Blindbox Claiming Guide

Congratulations on winning an NFT blind box. Follow these instructions to collect your Blindbox win:

  1. View the NFT

    1. View the NFT airdrop in your [Account]

  2. Obtain special rights and rewards granted by NFT

    1. If you get a multiple income card NFT

      1. Connect to the wallet (How to connect wallet:

Note: Switch MetaMask to the HECO Network and please use the same Heco wallet address that you entered the Blindbox competition with.

3. Fill in “Token Contract Address” + “Token Symbol” + “Token Decimal”

The following is the commonly used token information:

Contract address: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

Token symbol: USDT

Token Decimal: 18

Contract address: 0x0298c2b32eae4da002a15f36fdf7615bea3da047

Token symbol: HUSD

Token Decimal: 8

Contract address: 0x9362bbef4b8313a8aa9f0c9808b80577aa26b73b

Token symbol: USDC-HECO

Token Decimal: 6

For more token contracts, please go to the Hecochain browser:

Please make sure that the token contract address is correct.

get start with FilDA:

4. Ensure some HT is in the wallet

5. Deposit USDT or HUSD

E.g. USDT, click [deposit] and click [Agree] to authorize

6. Enter the deposit amount and click [Deposit] to complete

7. After the deposit is successful, check what you’ve won at Evidence of successful participation in the activity will now show.

Click on the 「mark」button (which is at the bottom of the page)to successfully prove that you have signed in.

Three days after checking in, return to again to receive rewards (check-in time: July 22nd ~ August 5th)

*FilDA will query the parameters of the NFT card held by the user according to the user address, and determine the reward and its multiple based on the parameters.

Among them, only 3 days of signing in will have multiple effects.

8. If you get a VIP equity card NFT:

Congratulations on obtaining the exclusive rights and interests of FilDA. You can get a free account risk management service for lending and borrowing, and monitor your status by text and email messages - minimise the risk of liquidation.

You can set asset alerts at, without phone authorization, just fill in the wallet address and email address.

About FilDA: