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今日挖矿数据 / Today's Liquidity Mining Return

HECO联合FilDA新春送红包!FilDA and Heco Offer Red Packets to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Welcome Ethereum DeFi users to join Heco ecosystem!
FilDA and Heco Offer Red Packets to Celebrate Chinese New Year!
FilDA team will conduct airdrops to advance the development of HECO ecosystem, attract more users and increase the liquidity.
All users who hold Compound/AAVE/YFII/HBTC/HFil on Ethereum mainchain can receive filda airdrop when you use Filda protocol through Huobi wallet/Bitkeep/TokenPocket from Feb 7th 10:00 am to Feb 9th 24:00.
From Feb 7th to Feb 9th, starting at 10:00 Beijing time for 3 consecutive days, each eligible address can receive 6 Filda. A total of 10,000 addresses can be airdropped.
说明:火币HECO地址与以太坊地址相同,需要切换到火币HECO网络领取奖励,HECO中Gas为HT,Gas price非常低。
P.S: The Huobi HECO address is the same format as the Ethereum address. Please switch to the Huobi HECO network to receive airdrops. The gas in HECO is HT, and the gas price is very low.
FilDA是全球首个基于HECO的跨链借贷DeFi项目。 FilDA于2021年1月5日晚20:00开启创世挖矿Fair launch,全球首发HUSD、HBTC、HT、ELA-HECO、USDT-HECO、HDOT、HLTC、HBCH、ETH、HPT、HBSV、HXTZ等13种资产借贷功能,同时也是HECO首个公开平台各项APY数据,存借双向实时透明数据的借贷项目。
FilDA is the world's first HECO-based cross-chain DeFi project. FilDA was launched at 20:00 on Jan 5, 2021. It is also the first Defi project that supports 13 assets that include HUSD, HBTC, HT, ELA-HECO, USDT-HECO, HDOT, HLTC, HBCH, ETH, HPT, HBSV, HXTZ, etc. Besides, among all the defi projects on Heco, FilDA is also the first to regularly update APY data and other real-time data relative to borrowing and lending.
目前,FilDA 平台存借款总额突破3.5亿美元,FilDA流动性深度超过400万美金,LP年化收益率超880%,保险池总额超过226万美金。FilDA项目无募资,无预挖,致力于HECO首选的用户友好型的DeFi借贷平台。
At present, the total amount of deposits and borrowings on the FilDA platform has exceeded US$350 million, the depth of FilDA's liquidity has exceeded US$4 million, the annualized LP rate of return has exceeded 880%, and the total insurance pool has exceeded US$2.26 million. The FilDA project has no fundraising, no pre-mining, and is committed to building a user-friendly DeFi lending platform in HECO ecosystem.