FilDA Guide for BitTorrent

❓How to withdraw assets in BTT chain format from Huobi Exchange to BTTC?

Example: USDT

When you withdraw USDT from Huobi Exchange to your wallet, it will default to USDT_t on the BTTC network.


1. Configure BitTorrent network in your wallet (RPC).

2. Select the BitTorrent chain on Huobi Exchange to extract assets to your walle.


1. Click "Settings" of MetaMask to configure the network.

2. Select the "Network" menu in the settings and add the network manually.

3. Click "Add Network”.

4. Enter the BitTorrent chain parameters as per the image.

Network Name

BitTorrent Chain Mainnet


Chain ID




Block Explorer URL

5. After saving the settings you can get your BitTorrent chain wallet address.

6. On Huobi Exchange, select the asset you want to withdraw, such as USDT, and choose BTT for the withdrawal network.

7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, add your Metamask BitTorrent wallet address, and use the BitTorrent network on the withdrawal page to complete the withdrawal.

❓ How to bridge assets from Ethereum/BSC network to BitTorrent network?

1.Open the BitTorrent cross-chain bridge( and click to connect to the wallet.

2.Select the network where your assets are.

3.Choose BitTorrent as the network for receiving cross-chain assets.

4.Select the asset you wish to move cross-chain, such as USDT.

5.Enter the amount of the asset you wish to transfer cross-chain.

6.Confirm the receiving address for your asset transfer.

7.Click "Cross-chain" to initiate the cross-chain transfer. Your funds will be available for use on BTTC once the transfer is complete.