FilDA Finance Update - October 2021

Ⅰ. Product Dynamics:

  1. Adjust the upper limit of the page operation loan to 90% to avoid the risk of volatility.

  2. Improve the FilDA 2.0 pledge lending page.

  3. Support multi-chain switching mechanism.

  4. Update the oracle contract, upgrade to multi-signature and time lock management.

  5. Perform integration verification and testing of the FilDA 2.0 contract.

  6. Repair the contract issues raised by the audit, and reinforce the recent attacks.

  7. Deploy the new version of FilDA 2.0 contract on Polygon

Ⅱ. Project Data:

Total deposits and loans: $ 183,164,682

Number of current addresses: 144,608

Current FilDA circulation: 117,254,496 FilDA

DAO pool pledge amount: 42,669,324 FilDA $ 3,461,928.03

CMC Market Value Ranking: 2991

Coingecko market capitalization rank: 1308

The September loan agreement creates interest income for users: 737782 USDT

Ⅲ. Operational Dynamics:

1. On October 03, FilDA added support for MDEX LP deposit and loan functions. This function reinvests the Mdx generated by mining, and the deposit income is higher than that of MDEX.

2. Recently, FilDA launched liquid mining in Chainge Finance.

3. On October 22nd, FilDA and Glide Fiance reached a strategic cooperation, which will deepen the asset liquidity cooperation, through product development, strengthen lending cooperation, provide users with more abundant product derivatives, and help users obtain better DeFi income.

4. The FilDA agreement contract has been audited by a number of well-known audit companies and has now passed the audit and open source verification.

5. Recently, FilDA DAO (FIP-010) voted to open, and voted to decide whether to open the FilDA 2.0 plan.