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FilDA Finance Update - December 2022

1. Prepare to deploy FilDA on the Tron network.
2. Fixed the bug that FilDA failed to withdraw BUSD under the REI network.

FilDA Supply On The page Product Data:

Total deposits and loans:$16,157,557.62
Current FilDA circulation: 200,427,207 FilDA
DAO pool pledge amount: 57,096,427.18 FilDA
Number of current addresses: 145,460
CMC market cap rank: 3079
Coingecko Market Cap Rank:2266
In November, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):
IoTeX :31,389.66
HECO :12,951.23
E S C :8,745.75

Operational Dynamics:

On December 15, the mining speed of asset lending on the FiLDA-ESC chain was reduced by 20% again.