FilDA Finance Update - February 2022

Product News:

1. Upgrade the V1 and V2 clearing pages to simplify the manual clearing process.

2. Support HUSD-USDT LP deposits on the HECO network.

3. Deployed and launched on the ESC chain, and opened support for mainstream assets such as ELA, BTC, ETH, BUSD,USDC and HUSD.

Product Data:

Total deposits and loans: $ 63,054,721,61

Number of current addresses: 145,265

Current FilDA Circulation: 154,394,928 FilDA

DAO pool pledge amount:60,082,460.83 FilDA

( $ 835,893.30)

CMC market cap rank:3577

Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1867

In February, the loan agreement creates interest income for users (USDT):

HECO :144,741

IoTeX :121,971.5

Operational Dynamics:

1.Recently, FilDA launched a cross-chain Elastos Smart Chain network proposal. Community members will vote on whether to enable the cross-chain service of the chain.

2.Recently, FilDA and IoTeX airdrop activities are in progress. Follow FilDA's official Twitter account, retweet and pin the content on Twitter, like, retweet and @two Twitter friends, join the FilDA Discord channel, fill out the user questionnaire, and select 99 people Divide 2000 FilDA.

3.The FilDA Community Discord channel has been created. Welcome to join for more information.