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MDEX生态基金宣布战略投资FilDA / MDEX Ecosystem Fund Announces Strategic Investment in FilDA

According to official MDEX.COM news, MDEX Ecosystem Fund has completed its strategic investment in FilDA which is a cross-chain lending and borrowing DeFi protocol.
FilDA is the world's first Heco-based cross-chain DeFi protocol. As of now, FilDA has a total supply and borrowing of over $1 billion. As Heco ecological infrastructures, FilDA and MDEX jointly contribute to the HECO ecosystem with shared visions . The two parties reached a strategic investment cooperation to promote the development of DeFi ecology on HECO ecosystem. FilDA/MDX liquidity mining will start on Feb 15th, 2021. At present, FilDA's trading depth on MDEX.COM has reached $18 million.
FilDA is committed to building a user-friendly DeFi platform that can bring maximum benefit to our users. FilDA is the first DeFi project that provides a transparent and publicly-inspectable APY both for deposits and borrows.
MDEX Ecological Fund strives to support high-quality projects on Heco, ETH and other public chains. Besides, MEDX Ecological Fund is committed to the construction of Bridges and Layer2 to create the largest multi-chain interoperable platform integrating DEX, IMO and DAO in the DeFi ecosystem.

FilDA将开启FilDA-MDX交易对流动性挖矿 Liquidity Mining of FilDA-MDX pairs Will Start on Feb 15th at 8:00 am Beijing Time

MEDX and FilDA has reached a strategic cooperation that FilDA will launch the liquidity mining of FilDA- MDX on Feb 15th at 8:00am Beijing time.
据了解,FilDA在MDEX交易深度已达2000万美金,FilDA 平台存借款总额高峰值突破10亿美元。FilDA项目无募资,无预挖,致力于成为HECO首选的用户友好型的DeFi借贷平台。
As of now, the market depth of FilDA on MDEX has reached $20 million. The total deposits and borrows on FilDA just reached a new peak of $1 billion. FilDA team has no fundraising or pre-ming and is committed to building the most user-friendly DeFi protocol on FilDA.