FilDA Finance Update - September 2021

A monthly report about news and development for FilDA: Secure your own wealth

Product Dynamics:

  1. Added TUSD-FILDA liquidity incentive pool

  2. Added ELK Airdrop Active Pool

  3. Updated LP Price Predictor

  4. To address the current high volatility in assets, the maximum front-end loan utilization rate was changed from 99 per cent to 90 per cent.

  5. Support HELA asset lending function came online

  6. Online support LP asset deposit and loan function.

Project Data:

  • Total deposits and loans: $237,425,510

  • Current addresses: 144,785

  • Current FilDA circulation: 104,064,516 FILDA

  • DAO Pool Stake: 38,021,028 FILDA ($3,697,957.05)

  • CMC Market Value Ranking: 2811

  • CoinGecko market cap ranking: 1115

  • September loan agreement interest income for users:1,501,671.4 USDT

Operational Dynamics:

  1. On September 8th, FilDA and TUSD launched their liquidity pool. Users can add liquidity at HSwap, with mining via the FiLDA staking page

  2. On September 9th, Stake FilDA to receive ELK and TUSD activity started, the activity period was 15 days. Activity time: September 9 to September 23

  3. On September 26th, FilDA released an IPFS version, which supports MetaMask for PC and mobile:

  4. FilDA has launched support for HELA original asset lending function

  5. FilDA added support for MDEX LP deposit and loan function. The function of mining MDX reinvestment, resulting in deposit income being higher than available for matching options on MDEX