FilDA Finance Update - January 2022

Product News:

  1. Launch the leveraged lending function on the Arbitrum network and complete the integration with CreDA.

  2. Optimize IoTeX network to optimize the layout and display effect of staking mining page.

  3. Added the function of switching network to the V1 version on HECO, which is convenient for users to switch between multiple networks.

  4. Support the IOTX-FilDA LP incentive function on the IoTeX network.

Product Data:

Total deposits and loans: $80,134,769

Number of current addresses: 145,202

Current FilDA Circulation: 147,977,606 FilDA

DAO pool pledge amount: 57,639,023 FilDA


CMC market cap rank: 3786

Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1728

In January, the loan agreement creates interest income for users (USDT): 290296.56

Operational Dynamics:

  1. On January 10, KingData tweeted an ecological weekly report saying: FilDA’s on-chain data from January 1 to January 7 TVL ranked top 5.

  1. On January 18, FilDA-IOTX liquidity support will be opened. FilDA has supported lending services for IOTX, USDT, BTC, ETH and other assets on the IoTeX chain.

  2. On January 19, FilDA destroyed 50 million FILDA on the HECO chain.

  3. The FilDA Community Discord channel has been created. Welcome to join for more information.