Key Parameters

During the trial operation of the first 2 weeks, FilDA ran smoothly. Moreover, DEX on HECO has developed rapidly, and the market depth has grown rapidly. FilDA adjusted the relevant parameters of the pledge rate to allow users' assets to obtain more liquidity under the premise of safety.

Loan Utilisation Ratio

Please note that it is better to have your loan utilisation ratio below 80% to decrease the liquidation risk due to price fluctuations. If the loan utilisation ratio is close to 100%, liquidation may result.


Liquidation Threshold: According to the liquidity and security of different assets, different liquidation threshold are granted. For example, the liquidation threshold of BTC is 85%.

Loan limit: The loan limit that can be granted for the current account, the market value of the collateralised asset * liquidation threshold = the loan limit, when 100% of the loan limit is used, the collateralised asset will be liquidated and a 10% penalty will be charged.

Safety line: When 100% of the the user's loan limit is used, liquidation will be triggered. In order to avoid the liquidation risk caused by the daily price fluctuation of your assets, the system has set a safety line of 85%. The safety line is for all assets.



There is 10000-USDT BTC and 10000 USDT collateralised in your account.

17500USDT(10000 * 85% +10000 * 90%= 17500)

Loan Limit: 10000 * 85% +10000 * 90%= 17500

14875USD(17500 * 85% = 14875)

The recommended loan: 17500 x 85% = 14875

$2625 is reserved as a buffer for the price fluctuation.

In the end, what everyone needs to pay attention to is the percentage of loan utilisation. Once it approaches 100%, the risk of liquidation will increase.