IoTex Guide(Cross-chain/

· IoTex Cross-chain Guide: Iotube

Use ioTube to cross-link from the Ethereum/Matic/BSC networks to the IoTex network

  1. Log in or create a Metamask account

  2. Switch the wallet network to the Ethereum/Polygon(Matic)/BSC network

  3. Open and connect the ioTube dApp:

  4. Click Connect Wallet to allow ioTube to connect to your Metamask wallet

5.Click here to select the assets you want to transfer cross-chain, and then enter your wallet address. IoTube currently supports a variety of ERC20 assets including ETH, wBTC, BUSD, PAXG, and more.

Note: The target wallet address can be unlocked on the target blockchain using the same private key as the sender wallet address. Or click on the wallet location, where you can enter the receiving address.

6.Then click "Deposit", confirm the cross-chain information, and click "Confirm".

7. The process from BSC chain and Polygon chain to IoTeX chain is the same. Each chain opens the wallet url, Then select the corresponding chain to IoTeX.

Note: ioTube currently supports bidirectional token exchange between IoTeX, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon! To cross to IoTeX from other chains, you need to transfer assets to Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon chains first.

·IoTex Cross-chain Guide: ElkNet Bridge

ElkNet cross-chain bridge allows transfers of ELK 1:1 between every chain Elk supports.

This guide will show you how to use ElkNet.

1.Go to with your wallet (Metamask, etc) already connected to the chain you want to transfer ELK from. When you connect in the Elk dApp, it will automatically adjust to the chain you're on and the token list will change.

[Note: if you need to add a new chain to your wallet, you can search for the chain at and add it with one click]

2.Swap tokens you'd like to transfer for the ELK token using the “Swap” tab

3.Click on the “ElkNet” tab (or visit and input the amount of ELK you would like to send. Then select the destination chain from the drop-down menu, and choose whether or not you'd like to convert one ELK for gas.

[Note: Make sure you choose the “Swap $ELK 1 for gas” if you are transferring to a new chain where you do not have any of the native gas token. ElkNet automatically converts some of your ELK to gas so you can make transactions when you arrive)

4.Approve ELK, and Transfer. That’s it!

[Note: you can watch the progress of your transfer by scrolling down to the ElkNet transaction history. Transfers advance from “Initiating” to “Processing” to “Complete.” When the transfer is complete, connect your wallet to the destination chain and refresh the Elk dApp to see your ELK.]

Connect Metamask to the IoTeX Network

You can use both the Metamask browser plugin or the Metamask mobile app if you want. Here, we will show the instructions for the browser plugin: for the mobile app, the configuration is very similar.

1. Add a custom RPC/Network

In the Metamask browser extension, open the "Networks" drop-down menu at the top, and choose the "Custom RPC" menu item:

2. Mainnet configuration

Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet.

Nome Rete: IoTeX Mainnet

Nuovo RPC URL:

Chain ID: 4689

Currency Symbol: IOTX

Explorer UR:

3. Save and select the IoTeX network

Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network.