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FilDA与MDEX战略合作 MDEX将开启FilDA流动性挖矿

基于HECO的跨链借贷DeFi项目FilDA与MDEX达成战略合作,MDEX将于2月7日12:00开始FilDA流动性挖矿,在MDEX质押HUSD-FilDA的LP Token,即可挖取MDX。
FilDA and MDEX reached a strategic cooperation. MDEX will start FilDA liquidity mining at 12:00 on Feb 7th Beijing Time. Stake the LP token of HUSD-FilDA, then you can farm MDX on MDEX.
据了解,FilDA在MDEX交易深度已达800万美金,FilDA 平台存借款总额高峰值突破3.5亿美元,位居HECO项目前三甲。FilDA项目无募资,无预挖,致力于成为HECO首选的用户友好型的DeFi借贷平台。
As of now, the market depth of FilDA on MDEX has reached $8 million. The total deposits and loans reached a peak of USD 350 million and FilDA LP exceeded USD 5.85 million, ranking among the top three in HECO projects. The FilDA project has no fundraising, no pre-mining, and is committed to building a user-friendly DeFi platform that can bring maximum benefit to our users.