FilDA Guide for REI

· Wallet connection

1.Configure the REI network on MetaMask

·Log in to MetaMask, click Network, and select "Add Network".

·Put the following parameters in the corresponding boxes:

Network Name: REI Network


ChainID: 47805 Symbol:

REI Decimals: 18


2. Keep some REI in your wallet. Do not swap all the REI in your wallet in any one transaction, as all transactions require REI for gas fees.

·Deposits and loans

1.Log in to the FilDA website

2.Connect the REI wallet

Remember to switch your MetaMask to the REI main network.

3.Select assets

The supported assets include REI、USDT、USDC、BTC、ETH and BUSD.

4.Deposit mining

Example: Deposit REI

·Click "Deposit"

·Select the amount to deposit

·Click "Deposit"

(The first time you deposit you will need to approve the contract for depositing each asset.)


Before borrowing, you need to deposit assets to FilDA. Please refer to the deposit procedure (Step 4).

·After you finish depositing, click “SAVINGS”.

·Click “COLLATERAL” to enable borrowing against your assets.

·Select assets you want to borrow and click the“Borrow“button.

Take REI as an example:

·Enter the amount you want to borrow. Before you click ‘Borrow’, please confirm the relevant information.

6.When you have finished depositing and borrowing, you can see the data for your position here: