FilDA Finance Update - November 2021

Ⅰ. Product Dynamics:
1. Improving the data services and business processes of leveraged lending and making preparations for its launch.
2. Improve the operation and use flow of multi-chain switching network.
3. Adjust and improve the new page style and style.
4. Contract deployment in IoTeX and BSC networks.
5. Optimize LP pledge contract and audit again according to the audit company's suggestion.
6. Launch of Polygon and IoTeX networks.
Ⅱ. Project Data:
Total deposits and loans: $ 108,775,503
Number of current addresses: 144,837
Current FilDA circulation: 125,210,496 FilDA
DAO pool pledge amount: 42,278,780 FilDA $ 1,429,932.43
CMC Market Value Ranking: 3199
Coingecko market capitalization rank: 1654
The September loan agreement creates interest income for users: 735302.42 USDT
Ⅲ. Operational Dynamics:
1. On 05 November , the DeFi borrowing agreement FilDA was upgraded to support multi-chain operation.
2. On 05 November , FilDA DAO (FIP-010) opened a ballot to vote on whether or not to initiate the FileDA 2.0 program.
3. On 06 November, FilDA used time-locking and multi-signature to secure the agreement.
4. On 10 November, the FileDA DAO (FIP-010) proposal was formally adopted by a vote, with the launch of version 2.0 of FilDA.
5. On 19 November, the DeFi borrowing agreement, FilDA, switched to the PVC economic model.
6. Recently, FilDA announced that the IoTeX network is expected to go live On 13 December