Voting and Incentives Announcement

Greetings to all members of our community,

We are dedicated to building FilDA as a sustainable decentralized financial ecosystem. However, the cryptocurrency market's volatility and intense competition have presented us with both challenges and opportunities. We have been striving to overcome these obstacles and actively drive the development of FilDA.

With the emergence of more Layer 1 and Layer 2 public blockchains, we realize that we need to strengthen on-chain liquidity to promote FilDA's development better, and mitigate the risks of insufficient liquidity in centralized exchanges (CEX). Therefore, we plan to increase incentives for FilDA trading pairs to attract more liquidity providers to participate in the FILDA ecosystem.

In the upcoming weeks, we will engage in discussions with core developers and community members about the specifics of this plan, including how to allocate incentives and ensure fairness and transparency. We will also introduce a voting mechanism to enable community members to actively participate in the process and help determine the future direction of FilDA's development.

We are grateful for the continuous support and trust of our community members and will continue to work hard to improve the quality and value of FilDA, bringing more innovation and value to the community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


FilDA Team