About fTokens, lending and borrowing

What is fToken?

All assets on FilDA are integrated through a token contract which represents the HRC20 compatible account balance provided to the protocol. By minting fTokens, users can perform the following operations:

  1. Users can earn interests through fToken's conversion rate

  2. Users can use fToken as collateral.

fToken is the major way to interact with FilDA protocol. When users mint, redeem, borrow, repay, liquidate or forward fTokens, it will use fToken contracts to enable these operations.

What is the exchange rate between fTokens and tokens?

The exchange rate between the original assets and fToken is not constant. fToken is more like a fund quota. The assets exchanged back from fToken may increase because of the interests. Generally, users can get a return of up to 50 times of the deposits in fToken. But the interest may also impact the amount of fToken.

How to use fToken

Users will receive fXXX token after depositing their asset. Import these ftoken into your wallet to check the amount you hold.

What are the risks in the use of fToken

fToken is a certificate of deposit. After an ftoken is transferred to other platforms, the deposit in the account decreases and the loan utilisation rate increases. Users need to verify their loan limit before they can participate in other platforms. Recently, prices have fluctuated sharply, and it is recommended to keep loan utilisation rates low, to avoid liquidation.

Is the fToken deposited in FilDA and not given?

Those holding fTokens get FilDA income. If the HECO cooperative project supports fToken mining, FilDA will enter its contract and the cooperative project will make the secondary distribution rules.

What are the currently used platforms for fToken?

FilDA will continue to develop partners. Supernova.cash currently supports the use of fTokens and can participate in mining. A group of partners will support fTokens in early March.