Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) Guide

Wallet connection

1.Configure the ESC network on MetaMask

· Log in MetaMask, click Network, and select "Add Network".

·Put the following parameters in the corresponding boxes

Network Name: ESC

New RPC URL: https://api.elastos.io/esc

Chain ID: 20

Blockchain Explorer URL: https://esc.elastos.io

2.Keep some ELA in your wallet Do not swap all the ELA in your wallet in any one transaction, as all transactions require ELA for a gas fees.

Deposits and loans

  1. Log in to the FilDA website




2.Connect the ESC wallet

Remember to switch your MetaMask to the ESC main network.

3.Select assets

The supported assets include ELA, BUSD_b, HUSD, ETH, BTC, and USDC.

4.Deposit mining

Take deposit ELA as an example, click "Deposit", pop out the deposit page, select the amount to deposit, confirm the error, click "Deposit".

5.Stake mining

Staking supports FilDA and enables Elastos ecological project assets such as Glide, MTRL, and ELK to receive ESC FILDA tokens. Take Glide Stake as an example, click "STAKE GLIDE TOKEN" to Stake for the first time, and then enter the amount to Stake.

6.Stake LP Token

Currently, FilDA supports FilDA-ELA liquidity mining.

· First of all, we need to go to GLIDE to pledge the token and add liquidity.

GLIDE website: https://glidefinance.io/add/0x00E71352c91Ff5B820ab4dF08bb47653Db4e32C0/ELA

· If you are providing liquidity in Glide Finance for the first time, you will need authorized wallet approval to begin the process. Click Enable, and, when approved, Glide Finance can process the Filda-ELA smart contract to provide liquidity.

· When finished, click the "+" icon.

· You will see a pop-up where you can specify how much Filda-ELA you wish to stake.

· When you decide, click "Supply" to complete the operation.

Note: Adding liquidity is not without risk, there is risk of impermanent loss. Be sure to note whether the current/expected future price of the two tokens is acceptable to you.

· Return to the stake mining page of FilDA. Here, you can see how many LP tokens are in the wallet balance.

· Click the option to stake LP token and wait for mining earnings to appear after confirmation.

Elastos Smart Chain Cross-chain Guide

Note: ShadowToken currently supports cross-chain from HECO, BSC, ETH chain to Elastos.

Below is an example of cross-chain asset transfer from Ethereum to Elastos.

·Transfer ELA from Elastos to Ethereum

1.Visit https://tokbridge.net. Connect your web3 wallet (MetaMask or a WalletConnect compatible wallet that supports custom networks) to the Elastos network. Once connected, you will see your address populated in the header and your ELA balance displayed by the 'Max' button.

You will notice two separate fields, the top one representing assets on the source network (Elastos), and the bottom one representing assets on the destination network (Ethereum).

There are also icons labeled 'Lock', 'Release', 'Burn', and 'Mint'. These will change depending on which asset you select. In this case, ELA will be locked on the Elastos chain and its "shadow token" (ELA on Ethereum) will be minted on the Ethereum chain at a 1:1 ratio, as governed by the mediator smart contracts. When transferred back, the ELA on Ethereum shadow token will be burned and native ELA will be released to your address on the Elastos sidechain. This same principle applies to all asset transfers.

2.To proceed, enter the amount of ELA you wish to transfer to Ethereum. The minimum transfer is 1 ELA. Note that ELA functions as gas on the Elastos sidechain, so reserve some to pay the small transaction fees. When you enter a valid balance, the 'Next' button should activate. Click it.

Note: The destination address field is optional. This is for when you wish to bridge assets to an address other than the one you are already connected to. In most cases, this field can be skipped.

3.Next, you will be directed to a confirmation page. Ensure the details are correct and click 'Confirm'.

Note: Bridge mediator fees are presently only charged for ELA and ETH transfers on the return trip and are set at 0.1%.

4.You should now be prompted to authorize the contract interaction in your wallet. The default gas price is fine and does not need to be changed, though you can increase it if you want a faster transaction. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Note: When transferring ELA and ETH, you do not need to approve an allowance. However, for ERC-20 tokens there will first be a spend authorization request to permit the smart contract to retrieve funds from the token contract, and then a second request for the actual bridge transfer.

5.The interface will now display the transfer progress, which includes waiting for block confirmations on the source network and for the bridge oracles to validate the transaction and mint or release your assets on the destination chain. Once complete, the success message will pop up with a link to view the confirmed transaction on the destination chain's block explorer.

Note: In some cases, the transfer may take longer than expected (>5 minutes) due to the fixed gas prices used by the bridge mediator. If this happens, please monitor the block explorer link provided. Your funds are safe and will eventually arrive.

Send ELA from Ethereum back to Elastos

You should now have some ELA in your wallet on the Ethereum chain. Switch your network in MetaMask to the Ethereum mainnet. The app should update to reflect your new balances on the chosen network.

To see the ELA that you minted on Ethereum, click the 'ETH' dropdown menu to open the default token list and select ELA.

Note: You can also view the opposite bridge direction by clicking the swap icon in the middle, but you will need to switch your network before beginning a transfer. It will not auto-connect your wallet to the proper network.

Note: This is also where you can add custom tokens by pasting the token contract address in the search field.

To return your ELA on Ethereum back to the Elastos Smart Contract chain, simply repeat the same process as above. You will now be burning the ELA token on Ethereum, and releasing your original ELA back to your account. Keep in mind that gas fees will be much higher when initiating a transfer from the Ethereum chain (and more confirmations are required), so plan accordingly.

How to transfer ELA to Elastos Smart Chain from Elastos Mainchain

1.Open Elastos Essentials, switch to Elastos Network, select the main chain ELA and click "Transactions & Transfers".

2. Go to the following page and choose “TRANSFER”.

3. Input the recharge amount, confirm the information, click "Recharge", and wait for the recharge to complete.