FilDA是一个去中心化的无托管借贷协议,目标面向多链实现质押借贷,目前已上线HECO, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, IoTex, ESC,未来将在更多链上实现存借。
FilDA is a decentralized, non-custody, lending protocol on multiple chains. It has been launched on HECO, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, IoTex, ESC, and will be deployed on more chains.
风险提示 Note
FilDA为FilDA Protocol的治理代币,并非投资证券。
FiDA is the governance token of Filda Protocol rather than a token with pure investment value
FilDA代币无募资,无预挖,100% fair-launch。开发团队代币份额5%,与社区挖矿相同周期即四年按区块释放。团队代币从第二周按区块产生。
No fund raising, no pre-mine, 100% fair-launch for FilDA token. Devs takes 5% of total token which will be released in blocks over 4 years along with community incentives. The token for the team will be generated from the second week after FilDA is live.