FilDA is a lending and borrowing project basing on smart contract to realize a cross-chain money market . It has been launched on HECO ( the Huobi ECO Chain) and will be deployed on Ethereum and other public chains.
相比于以太坊链上质押借贷项目,我们选择HECO作为基础,一方面火币生态有庞大社区和资产,另一方面因为HECO良好的用户体验及极低的gas fee,用户体验更加友好。
Unlike other lending and borrowing project on the Ethereum chain, we choose HECO as the base chain. On the one hand, we introduced the ecological resources and assets on Huobi. On the other hand, we can provide our service more user-friendly because of the user-friendliness on HECO and the extreme low gas fees.
风险提示 Note
FilDA不具有投资价值,仅为FilDA Protocol的治理代币。
FiDA is the governance token of Filda Protocol rather than a token with pure investment value
The project team has 5 percent of the token share which will be released in blocks over 4 years. The team didn't obtain any amount of token in the first week after FilDA was launched. The token for the team will be generated from the second week after FilDA is live.
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