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全球首个基于HECO的跨链借贷项目FilDA DAO Pool首次HT分红即将开启 / DAO rewards in HT is live on FilDA !!

1, At 20:00 on Feb 5th (Beijing Time), FilDA DAO Pool began to distribute HT rewards in line with the number of tokens locked in the DAO pool at 20:00 on Friday night (Beijing Time). DAO Pool participants will receive HT dividends that are purchased using the platform own revenue.

FilDA DAO proposal passed

At 20:00 on Feb 5th (Beijing Time) , FilDA DAO proposal passed with more than 4 million votes from FilDA community. Starting today, major decisions on the FilDA platform will be voted by community members through the DAO governance process. FilDA holders can obtain voting rights for DAO governance and also receive the FilDA incentive from the original insurance pool when they stake FilDA to the DAO Pool.