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新增支持资产类型/ New Assets on FilDA

新增支持资产类型AAVE, SNX, UNI,质押率均为15%,挖矿比例均为1.00%,详情如下。
FilDA just added some new assets that include AAVE, SNX and UNI. The liquidation threshold for all the three new assets is 15%, and their respective mining percentage is 1.00%. Please find more specifics as follows.

各类资产借贷挖矿比例 / Liquidity Mining Percentage for Different Assets on FilDA (2月11日更新)

各类资产质押率 / Liquidation Threshold for Different Assets ( Updated on Feb 11st)

FilDA LP交易对的挖矿比例调整 / Mining Percentages for different LPs has been adjusted