Heco - FilDA Contracts

Tokens Contract

FilDA is the governance token for the project FilDA. All users who participate in the FilDA project receive FilDA tokens as a recognition of their participation and contribution. When the project is running smoothly, the DAO governance mode will be online and all users can stake FilDA tokens to make proposals and vote, which includes modifying interest rates, supported token types, loan parameters, and so on.

FilDA token contract address on HECO:


FilDA token contract address on IOTEX:


Lock-up contract addresses (HECO):

0xb74633f2022452f377403b638167b0a135db096d - Locked rewards for Banking (40%)

0x3a3fD72e110f2E40de524eEcfAdDA7fbeBD0953A - Locked rewards for Banking (25%)

0x0adab39193a65f1ff536be22dcacfa1f07b8bebd - Locked rewards for LP (12.5%)

0x9Aa08A5986003e151e57fc509568A944E01C0d25 - Locked rewards for DAO (12.5%)

0x62AD29C8548Bc050A482D5Ce9Ba79243f98b4f32 - Locked FilDA for PCV (5%)

0x63ec6b982261ba65f58f52ff479f2b33197e250f - Locked rewards for Team (5%)

0xa262C4fCEf3Be488A1Dc2bD6B6F61B1a2CE00Ba2 - Locked HUSD-FILDA LP (PCV)