FilDA Finance Update - July 2022

1. Update the information on the FilDA website page and add cross-chain bridge links.

2. Upgrade each chain RPC node to improve node network access speed.

3. Develop a new DAO governance page to prepare for veFilDA.

FilDA Product Data:

Total deposits and loans: $32,357,281.72

Number of current addresses: 145,354

Current FilDA circulation: 188,241,344 FILDA

DAO pool pledge amount: 73,761,296.09 FILDA ($398,109.07)

CMC market cap rank: 3213

Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1998

In June, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):

HECO: 45,151.95

IoTeX: 55,598.32

ESC: 6,371.81

Operational Dynamics:

1.1st July, FilDA officially launched REI Network, enabling asset lending services such as REI, USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and BUSD.

2.Recently, the HECO chain has destroyed 180,000,000 FilDA for the 4th time. Thus far, a total of 250,000,000 FilDA has been destroyed on HECO Chain.