FilDA Bug Bounty

FilDA Bug Bounty Programme FilDA has run smoothly for 6 months, and undergone continuous upgrades to security protection. It has passed four security audits: SlowMist Technology, Know Chuangyu, FairyProof Security, and Certik. In terms of network security it is amongst the market leaders.

A white hat team conducts in-depth source code audits of FilDA, has built a cloud security detection platform, monitors the security status of global sites, has strong threat awareness and vulnerability detection capabilities, and is committed to building a distributed, high-concurrency, modular, and loosely coupled security system.

The result? A transparent and reliable lending platform.

FilDA has also established: 24-hour risk prevention and control monitoring; early warning and response mechanisms; transaction volume, price, and frequency fluctuation notifications; asset and important data monitoring systems; abnormal increased data-usage and handling alarms; and also has a strong anti-D cluster, so can quickly block various types of DDoS ​​attacks.

In order to further protect the security of user assets, and improve the level of platform risk control, FilDA has now created a bounty program with a maximum reward of 10,000 USDT!

Award parameters

The bounty will apply to the following repositories, sources and sites:




Reward Levels

  • High risk: 5000-10000 USDT

Problems that may cause immediate loss of >10% of funds or permanent damage to the status of the contract

  • Medium risk: 1000-3000 USDT

Issues that may cause minimal loss of funds, destroy the state of the contract, or cause serious dissatisfaction with users

  • Low risk: 100-500 USDT

Problems that may cause user dissatisfaction or minimal contract failure

Submit discoveries

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