IoTeX on FilDA

Token release and allocation:▪ IoTeX chain total FilDA: 10,000,000 (10 million).▪ Community (90%), Marketing (5%), Team (5%).▪ Community and team incentives are generated, by block, from 14:00 December 23, 2021 (UTC), and released over three years.▪ In the first week of FilDA on IoTex, the soft launch, the community could mine 15,000 FILDA per day, of which 12,000 were mined by loans, and 3,000 were assigned to PCV (protocol value controlled, used for LP, etc.)▪ Starting from the 8th day, the community can mine 28,238 FILDA per day.▪ After 90 days: Emissions will be halved.▪ After 270 days: Emissions will be halved for the second time.▪ After 540 days: Emissions will be halved for the third and final time.
Loan incentive ratio: