FilDA Finance Update - August 2022

1. Changed HUSD to USDT as the FilDA page display pricing basis.

2. Develop and optimize the FilDA DAO upgrade contract and related pages.

3. Scan and clean FilDA historical cache data.

FilDA Supply On The page Product Data:

Total deposits and loans:$25,961,252.93

Number of current addresses: 145,379

Current FilDA circulation: 191,324,911 FilDA

DAO pool pledge amount: 71,882,962.39 FilDA

($ 291,704.83)

CMC market cap rank: 3010

Coingecko Market Cap Rank:2049

In August, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):

HECO: 41,421.72

IoTeX: 60,315.54

ESC: 6,920.69

Operational Dynamics:

1.On August 10th, the HECO chain destroyed 180,000,000 FilDA for the fourth time. So far, the HECO chain has destroyed a total of 25,000,000 FilDA.

2.Recently, FilDA tweeted: The transition of the Ethereum merger will not affect the operation of the FilDA’s system and its services (including lending and liquidation).