FilDA Finance Update - March 2022

1. Launched FilDA lending on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) network.

2. Started liquidity mining and partner joint mining in ESC.

3. Upgrade the SDK to enable WalletConnect for connecting wallets.

4. Adjusted gas fees so FilDA uses a smaller estimate to avoid user misunderstandings.

Product Data:

Total deposits and loans: $71,241,652,89

Number of current addresses: 145,253

Current FilDA circulation: 163,666,673 FilDA

DAO pool pledge amount: 64,893,051.40 FilDA ($880,049.96)

CMC market cap rank: 3577

Coingecko Market Cap Rank: 1929

In February, the loan agreement interest income for users (USDT):

HECO: 79,497.91

IoTeX: 45,795.32

ESC: 35,596.74

Operational Dynamics:

1. On March 10th, FilDA added the ESC network. Initially, lending services were provided for ELA, BTC, ETH, HUSD and other assets.

2. On March 14th, FilDA launched a liquidity incentive program on ESC. Users obtained FilDA rewards by staking ELA, BTC, ETH, HUSD and other assets to provide liquidity.

3. On March 16th, FilDA launched the Elastos Smart Chain airdrop activity. The top 200 people who completed the task received 10 FilDA (ESC) airdrop rewards. .

4. On March 18, the DeFi lending protocol FilDA recently officially launched the Elastos Smart Chain FILDA token and destroyed 10 million FILDA on the HECO chain.

5. On March 19th, FilDA issued an airdrop announcement to thank the long term users of ESC who have long supported ecological projects in the Elastos community, and to ELP token holders, CryptoName holders, htFilDA holders, Glide project contributors (project side referral list), and the participating addresses of ElaCity project contributors (recommended by the project party); all were airdropped ESC FilDA tokens.

6. On March 22, according to FilDA website data, on the 7th day of its launch of Elastos Smart Chain (ESC), TVL exceeded 10 million USD.

7. On March 23, FilDA opened four LP staking pools on Elastos Smart Chain. Users can increase liquidity for HUSD-USDC, USDC-ELA, ETH-ELA, BUSD-USDC on Glide, and pledge their LP tokens in the FilDA pool, and can earn both Glide and FilDA incentives.

8. On March 29, FilDA opened the htFilDA staking pool on Elastos Smart Chain.

9. At 7:00pm (UTC) on April 12th, FilDA - ESC was hacked and compromised funds totaling $1,677,000. The FilDA development team worked with the security partner immediately to diagnose the cause and urgently suspend all deposits and borrowings on FilDA - ESC.

10.On April 16th, FilDA released FilDA-ESC: Repair and Restart, describing the cause of the attack and the next steps, and proposed the IOU Token compensation plan. The IOU funds will be used for the compensation and liquidity of FilDA-ESC, and the 10% interest and principal will be airdropped to affected and eligible users' wallet address every month. All lost funds are expected to be repaid within three years.

11. On April 22, FilDA released the FilDA-ESC IOU plan. Users can check losses through the IOU page, and can buy IOUs or convert losses into IOUs. All IOUs will be used to supplement FilDA-ESC’s compensation and liquidity.